The Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) Annual General Meeting 2019, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on June 6-7, saw the approval of an ambitious 24-month strategy to support Europe’s metal packaging industry, as it undergoes a period of unprecedented change towards sustainability and circularity.

Approved by some 90 MPE members from 17 countries, and proposed by the association’s 11-strong board, the MPE circular economy strategy confirms MPE’s focus to build further momentum – supporting end users and customers to choose more sustainable packaging products and supporting policymakers to successfully embed the circular economy.

Four key objectives within the MPE circular economy strategy were highlighted and MPE said that attaining them will require a collaborative approach and concerted effort over the coming months and years.

  • Co-operating a for sustainable supply chain
  • Ensuring sustainable design and production
  • Facilitating sustainable consumption
  • Supporting better collection, sorting and recycling