The International Tin Association (ITA) represents the global tin industry from its base in St. Albans, UK and its China office in Beijing.  Its is sponsored by its members, principally tin miners and smelters.  ITA’s aim is to support and encourage the use of tin in existing and new applications.

Tinplate is a significant tin using industry, globally the third largest user of tin, 14 per cent of world consumption in 2016.  ITA, previously the International Tin Research Institute, has a long history of support for the sector.  ITA continues this activity through its Tinplate membership scheme and its organisation of the International Tinplate Conference.

The Tinplate Group membership represents all segments of the industry supply chain, including tinplate producers, electrolyte suppliers, can makers and lacquer suppliers.  This combined expertise and global perspective provides a powerful forum for tackling key technical, environmental, and legislative challenges facing the tinplate packaging industry.

Membership of the ITA Tinplate Group gives the opportunity to get more involved in specific technology projects, meetings, discussions and to receive the latest ITA information on the tin market data, responsible tin supply, resources and reserves and tin use survey summaries.  Previous project areas have included alternative passivation, tin in food, detinning, lacquer & corrosion issues, information surveys and Guide to Tinplate publication.  Current projects include a follow-on alternative passivation project, for more information on this please contact [email protected].

A consultation process has been initiated to look to develop new opportunities for collaboration through the Tinplate Group Roadmap Survey.

We are currently consulting members on three potential new project theme areas, (Better Test Methods, Coating Weight Reduction and Sustainability Roadmap).

Members also receive discounts on ITA laboratory services for standard tinplate tests and troubleshooting and reduced conference rates at the International Tinplate Conference.

Member’s List

Akzo Nobel
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd
Campden BRI
Daiwa Can Company
Dongbu Steel Co Ltd.
Fujian Sino-Japan Metal Corporation
Hokkai Can Co. Ltd.
Jamestrong Packaging
JFE Steel Corporation
Nampak Group
Ohio Coatings Company
Perstima Berhad
PT Latinusa
Silgan Containers Manufacturing
TCC Steel
Ternium Argentina
Tonyi Industrial Corp
Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.
Trivium Packaging

Tony Wallace

Tony Wallace

Tinplate Group Co-ordinator


The tinplate industry looks to a future in which tinplate is maintaining and reinforcing its leadership as a competitive and sustainable packaging material, benefiting from strong market developments, notably in Asia.

The Tinplate Group aims to be a vibrant and growing network of key players in the tinplate industry, interacting with other industry networks globally, and working together to target priority technology issues identified by its members.