Tinplate Roadmap Survey

The main aims of the roadmapping process are to encourage a global discussion on the key industry issues and to determine what opportunities there are for collaboration across the tinplate supply chain (electrolyte suppliers, tin mills, lacquer suppliers, can makers and fillers).

ITA have been surveying the industry since 2007.  The key issues highlighted over this period can be grouped into two areas, sustainable chemicals and sustainable resources.

  • Global pressures of the use of industrial chemicals are mostly driven by legislation.  Chemical issues include alternative passivation treatments, migration of metals, BPA, sustainable electrolytes.
  • Global resources are being stretched by economic growth in China and elsewhere, coupled with rising costs of minerals extraction and energy production.   Cost is a major driver and the result is a strong desire to make more cost-effective use of energy and raw materials, generally by improving performance and increased use of secondary materials through recycling.  Resource issues include metals supply, scarcity of reserves, ethical sourcing, fluctuating costs, recycling, metal recovery, lightweighting, tin coating weights, energy and water use.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion please complete contact [email protected]  (comments will remain anonymous).