This global campaign has been initiated by members of the Product Sustainability Committee of the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

The campaign is aimed at increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of steel beverage cans and to remind packaging producers that modern steel is an attractive alternative to other packaging materials.

Steel cans are ideally suited as containers for beverages. They are easy to cool, great for keeping the contents fresh and prevent breakages when on the go, due to steel’s strength. They can also be recycled again and again, either as different products or even another steel can, with no loss of quality. Every can recycled saves energy: the same amount required to power a TV for one hour, one laundry load in a washing machine or 24 hours of a 10W energy-efficient LED light bulb.

“Today’s modern steel is very different from that of 30 years ago – matching and surpassing many other beverage packaging alternatives. It’s now thinner, lighter and stronger. Modern steel is a real, widely available alternative with 100% recyclability credentials.” — Clare Broadbent, Head, Product Sustainability, worldsteel

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